Different Ideas For Living Area



The living area is where bliss spreads through night talks, night supper and late-night films. It is where we sit along with our loved ones and cherish old memories. The living space is where we cheer up for our sports team and players or films. There are various kinds of front room subjects you can choose for your homes.

So here are some ideas of living room: 



Extravagant lights, orchids, low-level furnishings, and botanical themes are a portion of the attributes of Asian front room subject. It incorporates tremendous utilization of shades, for example, gold and bronze for making the space artistic. Asian is one of the most excellent kinds of living space styles. 




The next one on the list is Mediterranean style. It gives a peaceful look to your living room with rustic coloured wallpapers and tiled floors. It is one of the most popular types of living room styles with a touch of nature and pine wood furniture. 



Vintage interior is complete elegantly old fashioned style which portrays the era of the 1940s. The decors used are antique with chandeliers and old-time furniture is used in this pattern of living area.



Modern style is hot as its trending. As the lifestyle has changed to modern living, people tend to live in the same way with modern furniture, decors, wallpapers, flooring etc and make the space more lively.



Decorating your entire living room Indian touch with the Traditional theme is never old fashioned. You can put the authentic Indian styles and artworks on the wall. You can select royal carpets, artistic lamps and rich dark colours for the living room. Put a swing in the edge and decorative articles all around.

5 New Kitchen Interior Design Trends For 2020


The kitchen focuses on your home. Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen interior or be inspired for a simple interior design upgrade, there’s a new range of kitchen interior design trends to consider for the coming year 2020. We’ve talked to some of our top interior designers on the major kitchen interior design trends that we expect this year, with an extraordinary inspiration for everyone.

 If you have been thinking about renovating your kitchen, now is the perfect time to start planning.

Use some natural materials

Natural materials such as wood or timber are beautiful, timeless and easy to integrate into your kitchen. The raw tones will neutralize your space, add warmth and texture and can be worked in many styles of cooking.

Vinra said, “Many people go for decent laminate table surfaces because of the comfort installation. They are economical, and you can choose surfaces that reproduce the look of real wood and marble, without the necessary maintenance


Add a touch of color to your kitchen

white colour for kitchen interior design will always have a place of choice in the home, the trends are moving towards something a little darker and more daring. Darker palettes, such as black, rich greens and navy, certainly make their way into people’s kitchens. If you decide for a dark color palette, be sure to use plenty of natural light.

space and balance with accents such as wood tones to soften the aesthetic.


Be creative with open shelves

When everything is done correctly, open shelves can make your kitchen interior design brighter and more spacious. They have become a popular option, particularly in a traditional style kitchen, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Vinra says “Open shelves can be made in any size with some smart thinking out of the box,” “With the help of multipurpose panels, you can create visual interest in the space while creating corners for the pieces you want to display”.


Pendant light equipment for your kitchen

The hanging pendants will be important to indicate the different areas within an open-plan space. Attaching the dining room will be particularly important and sculptural jewels, like pendants with hard finishes with an Italian influence of the middle of the century, will be popular in luxury developments for your kitchen interior design.


Incorporate intelligent storage solutions

For your kitchen interior  design While you want some elements to be displayed openly, others are better kept away and this is where intelligent storage solutions come into play. Kitchen items are conveniently hidden behind stylish cabinets, making it even more important to integrate storage space during kitchen planning.

Vinra says “Avoid clutter and create usable spaces for everyday objects, as well as the pieces you want to hide,”. “The use of furniture in smart ways creates a modern look without compromising space.”

Integrate as many furniture as possible and consider blind corner cupboards and spices and wine racks to ensure that everything in your kitchen has a home. Using furniture under the island bench is a great way to gain additional space. If a clear and tidy bench is what you are looking for, then the answer is ample storage space.


Types of hinges


We can say, the human body is composed of hinges in the form of joints of the body!

The hinge is an external joint that holds two elements or facades together, allowing a limited rotation movement. In Interior Design, when they are combining to a typical hinge, the objects rotate relative to each other on a fixed axis.

However, practically through most of its applications, the hinges allow movement only in a plane around the central axis.

The hinges can  form by various materials, whether flexible or form by moving components. They are available in different finishes to suit the purpose and color options, but the most common are antique copper, chrome, brass, and black.

The types of hinges are according to the use and where they will adjust. Let’s take a look at the different types of hinges  mostly  using by professional interior designers.

1. Butterfly hinges

With the shape of a butterfly and with a finish, the butterfly hinges are an interesting design piece. It is best used in cases where the hinge can be visible in boxes, furniture cabinets in general.


The design appears near the extended wings of a butterfly from the central pin. Available in different textures and finishes to provide adequate color options, they contribute to the overall appearance of the hardware.

2. Butt hinges

Whether for doors, windows, cabinets or almost any furniture, this is the most common type of hinge using by the top interior designers.

These are also called the mortise hinge. Usually, three or four of them are mortising in the door and its frame. Best interior design companies in bangalore are using butt hinges most for the commercial and residential.


The hinges for use in interior doors are mainly steel. Brass or stainless steel hinges are therefore more suitable for interior design projects.

3. piano hinges

No wonder they get their name from the hinges that allow someone to live on top of a piano. Since they usually cover the entire length of the flat edge of the piano,it’s another name is continuous hinge.

In modern times, bangalore interior designers are using hinges to cover the length of two objects.

Its applications range from the toolbox to folding partitions, through the shower doors, apart from the obvious construction of the piano.

4. Flush hinges

These are smaller hinges that take up less space than the butt hinges because they allow one sheet to integrate with the other.

The use of flush hinges has some advantages given by the interior designers in bangalore: they do not need to cut the angle of the door on which they are going to install and leave no space between the frame and the door, giving a very clear and consistent appearance.


However, as they are quite light, unlike robust hinges, they tend to be less durable and are not using for very heavy furniture. The interior designers in bangalore are using this for cupboards, cabinets, and doors.


5. Barrel Hinge

With a barrel-like appearance, this hinge is easy to install since the joint is simply a hole that is drilled in the work piece. It consists of components such as a barrel that is a hollow spherical barrel-shape section attach to a pivot for movement. So, mostly, a barrel hinge consists of two parts.


These are generally using for doors and applications that have a low capacity in the radius. This type of hinge is easier to fix and we can  disassemble this when necessary. The materials from which the hinges are manufacturing include coated steel, polish plated steel, chrome metals, brass, bronze, and aluminum. The location and the number required to vary according to the material and the size of the door.

6. Pivot hinges

These hinges are using for superimposing doors, where one part is mounting on the top and the other on the bottom of the door, resulting in a hidden hinge. These are available for both light use and heavy use.


The key advantage is that this hinge does not block the door to open in both directions and when going to mount on the ends, they allow a perfect view.

7. Spring hinge

They act as an option for door closing devices. To obtain adequate strength to close the door, we usually require two spring hinges. These hinges use the property of a spring that causes the door to return to the close position by itself. The spring hinges are of different types.


8. Door hinge

These hinges are ideal for light and heavy doors or places. Interior designers will know that these hinges are available in stainless steel, brass, bronze and other high-tech materials.

There is an L-shaped screw is placed on the post which is attach to the door. They are also available as automatic closing types.

9.Bi-fold Hinge

The bi-fold hinges are two hinges of various lengths that are multi-leaf allowing the door or panel to open in both or in the same address.

Double-folded hinges have multiple pivot points that allow a tighter fit Swing with a greater degree of displacement.


10.Case hinges

Case hinges are quite similar to the butt hinge. For decorative nature mostly using for suitcases, briefcases and the like.

11. Concealed hinge

concealed hinge is one that fits flush inside the door of a cabinet to mask the location of the hinges. The term hidden hinge is interchangeable with “European style” in reference to cabinet hinges.

The purpose of the concealed hinge is now used by the bangalore interior designers to provide a smooth surface to the exterior appearance of a kitchen cabinet.


The main advantage, beyond the purely aesthetic value of concealed hinges, is the ability to make small adjustments in a very simple way on cabinet doors once after a small adjustment with screws.

 The removal of a cabinet door with concealed hinges is also a simplified process with a hidden hinge because it is not necessary to remove the door fittings. Most of the interior designers in bangalore are using 0crank, 8crank and 16crank concealed hinges for living rooms, kitchens, and for wardrobes.


There are three basic styles of hidden/concealed hinges uses by the bangalore interior designers: full overlay, half overlay and insert. The hidden hinge of full overlap is the most common type used in kitchen cabinets. It is easily recognizable by its straight arm design.

Concealed hinges are certainly using in a kitchen cabinet display cabinet that incorporates glass doors. There are advantages, such as improve safety and easier cleaning, which makes concealed hinges a valuable addition.

Another popular advantage of having hidden hinges in kitchen cabinets is that it alleviates the need for a visible frame while adding an automatic closing capability to the cabinet doors.


12. Wrap around Partially Concealed, Cabinet Hinges

A very strong hinge for doors that do not offer the safest fixings. The wrap around the hinge is using when there is not too much wood to fix like in a cabinet or in the door of a slim cabinet.

The envelope function ensures a fixation on the thin edge of the door and the frame, as well as a face fixation that allows 3 or more fixing points in a weak area.

13. Flag hinges

The hinges of the flag are named after their shape, with the side of the door that resembles a flag. They are applying with u PVC doors, located in the upper, lower and central parts. 

The flag hinges incorporate some fine adjustments to ensure accurate alignment and different lengths of the flag can adapt to various styles of doors.

They are available with a variety of finishes for an optimal combination with the door or decoration.

Most of the flag hinges are adjustable for rebates between 12 mm and approximately 16 mm, although the Roto Doorline model covers 16.5-19 mm, and  K4045 and K4145 models have options of 15-19 mm and 18-22 mm. Available finishes include white, brown and chrome.

14. Heavy-duty hinges

Heavy-duty hinges feature traditional J-bolt arms and a mounting plate. These hinges are using in high traffic doors and heavy doors. According to its mode of use, heavy duty hinges have a high opening/closing frequency of more than 25 times per day. Heavy-duty hinges differ according to their load capacity and construction material. This blog focuses on the various types of heavy-duty hinges that are using in various industries and places.

Different types of heavy duty hinges

Load and frequency are two factors that play a key role in defining the use of a heavy duty hinge. The most  different types of hinges which are using by the best interior designer company in bangalore are following

Heavy-duty door hinges:- 

These types of door hinges have an extreme load capacity. Generally, these hinges come with two blades and a central knuckle. The thickness of the blade varies from 3/8 to 3 “, while the maximum radial load bearing capacity between 4000 lbs and 25,000 lbs. These doors are using in the army and defense, nuclear shield doors, R & D laboratories.

Heavy-duty gate hinges:-

These hinges feature anti-sag and self-latching designs, which can be further locked with a padlock for added security. These door hinges can support doors that weigh 1,000 pounds. at 40,000 lbs. Generally, the heavy duty  gate hinges are made of carbon steel or stainless steel, which are durable, anti-resistant and anti-corrosive. The thickness of the heavy duty gate blade varies from 1 “-3”, while the maximum radial load  between 400 lbs. and 25,000 pounds. These hinges are using by the interior designers  for the chemical industry, the refining industry, and the construction industry.

Heavy duty pivot hinges:-

These hinges are generally using to hold the top and bottom of any heavy door. These hinges allow opening and closing doors in both directions. Carbon steel, stainless steel is the variety of material used for the construction of pivot hinges. The heavy-duty pivot hinges are designing for doors weighing 1,000 pounds. and 40,000 lbs. Pivoting heavy-duty hinges find applications in industries such as the marine, oil, food processing industries, agriculture and many more.

Heavy-duty welding on the hinges:-

The heavy-duty welding on the hinges has an excellent load capacity, why they are using in applications such as machine doors, steel doors, electrical boxes. Carbon or stainless steel is the preferred choice for the material selection of these hinged welds. These hinges can support door weights between 800 pounds. to 2,000 lbs. These hinges are commonly used in armored vehicles, fire doors, prison doors, shipping containers, etc.

heavy duty hinges interior design

15. Hydraulic hinges

Through its patent concept, it makes the closing of the door constant and control. According to the interior designers in bangalore hydraulic hinges are the evolution and fusion of the automated-mechanical hinges and the conventional hydraulic door closer already existing in the market.

Hydraulic hinges are using in internal and external doors and as well as for shower cabins, this product is good for its functionality, versatility, safety, durability, and an excellent quality/price ratio. For luxury interior design the bangalore interior designers are preferring hydraulic hinges.  

The small dimensions of the mechanisms give the products a clean and elegant design, with easy installation. The peculiarities of the hydraulic concept are the highest efficiency, together with high technical quality and safety in the turn. Great attention is also paid to aesthetics, in accordance with current architectural trends that require a cleaner glass appearance.

hydraulic hinge


The sizes of the hinges vary with respect to the types, as professional interior designer  know. The necessary data to select the types of the hinge are the thickness of the door/panel, the weight of the components and the space available.

But there is a trick called the Engineer’s Trick to simplify things and it is to go with the hinge to the door ratio. This factor helps us to choose the correct option.

How to create coziness in large spaces

bangalore interior designers

The current obsessions of homeowners are large open spaces and lots of glass letting in natural light. But sometimes it can go against our other natural predilection: a coziness, closed and private room, somewhere inviting to hide from the world. Here are five easy and affordable tips from Vinrainteriors to help you get coziness & comfortable in the living room with colors, lighting and furnishings.



bangalore interior designers

1. Close the big spaces

At the top of the market, architects and interior designers sometimes have to create comfortable living spaces in very large living rooms. How to do? “Large houses can be big gaps to fill and isolated spaces. It’s not every day that you organize a big party. “So there is a trend towards hidden walls and moving elements to make the space very flexible, but it’s also to make the space more personal.

bangalore interior designers

2. Lighting will give more coziness

You have to bring the light back to a more traditional room. That’s why large Drop pendants work well in a warehouse because they allow you to concentrate on a more comfortable level, especially at night when you do not get the natural light that hangs over the ceiling. Lighting makes a larger space more intimate and not empty and also you will feel more coziness.

Good lighting is an essential part of any relaxing living space. Think of it in terms of layers ambient lighting for general use, task lighting for a specific use, such as reading; and accent lighting (for example, light-emitting diodes on the shelves) for a decorative touch. Dimmers are essential. So you can turn off the lights to get a soft and comfortable glow, ideal for relaxing. The ceiling spotlights are only used to illuminate the artwork and project a flood of light onto the coffee table, while the floor lamps are bright enough to allow you to read without you exhaust.

bangalore interior designers

3. Soft furnishings

And of course, after the lighting, it’s stuffed furniture, carpets, artwork, and cushions to create a sense of place in different areas. Therefore a living room needs a large generous carpet that connects all its furniture to create the impression of being a place of life, usually semi-open. You can add coziness with a screen.

bangalore interior designers

4. choose darker

The color depends on your personal choice, but dark, deeply saturated and moody hues, from stormy gray to eggplant and indigo, absorb light and naturally make the space more comfortable. Use brighter, lighter colors to give each thing a lifting effect and prevent it from becoming too dark.

bangalore interior designers

5. Start the fire

A real fire creates an incomparable atmosphere. Whether it’s an old-fashioned open fireplace or a wood burning stove, it will introduce a warm and inviting fireplace into any living room. If you do not want to burn logs or coal, go for a frameless gas fire in the wall. And if you do not have a flue, think of a bio-fire running on ethanol: the flying saucer-shaped models hanging from Cocoon are very elegant in a contemporary scheme.

bangalore interior designers

Ideas To Make A Small Bathroom Better

Tired of your little bathroom dark and boring? Are you ready to give your opinion? Well, there is no better time to give a new look to your small bathroom. The design of the small bathroom finally emerges from the combination of the bathtub, sink, mirror and toilet.

The latest design ideas for small bathrooms are fresh and revolutionary, rethinking what we all expect from a bathroom design. The toilets and hanging sinks defy gravity. The cabinet doors are gone. The bold texture and patterns occupy a small bathroom space. Get ready to break some rules and think of your little bathroom with the following nine concepts

1. You don’t need as much bathroom storage as you think

The first small bathroom design idea for 2017 is a big one: you really don’t need more storage, just a more minimalist attitude! Think about this one for a minute. Those large vanities with the deep cabinet space under the sink are really an inefficient use of space

floating cabinet


 Things get lost at the back of the cabinet. And the scale takes up so much real estate in your small bathroom design that your bathroom ends up looking smaller. So how do you solve the issue?

  • Get rid of clutter and unnecessary items. How many towels, cosmetics and hotel toiletries do you really need?
  • Replace the clunky bathroom vanity with a floating sink or cabinet or narrow open shelves. You’ll be less tempted to clutter your bathroom when the stuff is on display. And you’ll open a lot more visual space in your bathroom. Like the above bathroom image.

2. Instead of adding storage, add function

Once you clear clutter and replace the oversized bathroom vanity with something more minimalist, think of all the useful things you can do with the space. Like adding an all-in-one washer and dryer. Or creating a vanity space.

Here are more ideas on how to add more utility to your small bathroom

washing machine in bathroom

3. Small bathrooms mean you can splurge on finishes

Some of the most expensive items in a bathroom design are the fixtures, tile and finishes. Since you’re working with a smaller space, you need less. It’s time to break out of thinking that a small bathroom isn’t worth the money. It’s time to splurge on making your small bathroom design look like a million bucks! Some ways to add more luxury on a little less budget include:

  • Choosing quality accent lighting fixtures
  • Tiling a stripe (or the upper half of your bathroom) in a more expensive tile or marble
  • Adding a towel warmer that doubles as a towel rack
  • Swapping your toilet for a new floating style
  • Upgrading to a glass shower door, which is the next small bathroom design idea

Here are some of our favorite luxurious updates for your small bathroom:

small bathroom renovation ideas

4. Add a seamless glass shower door to your small bathroom

Here’s a small bathroom design tip that may not sit well with traditionalists: tear out the bathtub and add a modern walk-in shower surrounded by seamless glass. It’s a great way to save tons of space in your small bathroom. A seamless glass door may be more expensive than a shower curtain, but will definitely be more durable. Not to mention, it will open up the space and add value to your home.

Not ready to give up on the bathtub? You can still add a seamless glass shower or tub enclosure.

5. Go crazy with texture and pattern in your small bathroom

Most designers tell you that dark colors or busy patterns are not a good idea in a small space. Think again. Strong patterns and textures add depth and play to a space, creating the illusion of more size and life.

Here are some of our favorite tile patterns and textures for your small bathroom:

6. Wall-mount everything and throw away the doors

The small bathroom design keyword for 2017 and beyond is: floating. Float everything, including the toilet, from your walls. It’s a great way to make cleaning easier, when you can access the floor below. Not to mention the space looks bigger, because our eye tends to judge space by analyzing the floor area. You also maximize valuable wall space, which is often left bare. And let’s be honest, it looks pretty fresh and cool!


7. Cubbies aren’t only for toddlers

It’s time to tear up the walls (or add new ones) for cubbies. The inset wall cubby is an ingenious way to add integrated storage to a small bathroom without sacrificing space. It’s also known as an alcove, niche or recessed niche.

Behind bathroom walls, between the studs, is just enough of a gap to create a useful cubby. And nowadays, you can even buy a DIY tile-ready niche at Lowe’s.

Don’t want to tear up the walls? Find new ways to add cubbies to your small bathroom, by adding a shelf, wall mounting a floating cubby shelf or choosing a cabinet with open shelves to store extra items, like the bathroom below


8. Mirrors instead of walls

Mirrors do an incredible job at creating the illusion of more space. Want to add more space to your small bathroom design? Then add more mirrors, like the inspiration images above.

Check out our favorite bathroom mirrors


9. Add more black to your white

An all-white bathroom does feel brighter and lighter, but it can look a little cold or lack the depth your eye registers as space. Adding black to your bathroom, in the form of black walls or a black-and-white tile design or a black ceiling adds the “POW!” your small bathroom is begging for.



furniture for room

Arranging furniture can be a daunting task. When you’re faced with an empty room, filling it in a way that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing can seem like an overwhelming task. But over the years, interior designers have recognized a number of simple, easy-to-apply principles that work. Just follow these common sense rules and you’ll find that arranging furniture isn’t so scary after all.

furniture for room


Never underestimate the power of a focal point in a room. Sometimes they appear naturally, such as if you have a prominent window or a built-in fireplace mantel, while other times you may need to create them yourself, as with media units and televisions. Whatever your chosen focal point, make a decision and stick with it. You’ll want to arrange furniture around it as much as possible

Top interior designing company in bangalore


You will need to do this if you are to have any hope of getting the furniture in the right place. So take a moment to decide where is the spot that you would most like to sit. How many people will need to sit with you or at any one time? What will you be doing in that spot? And from there what will you need to have in the room to enable you to do to those things – books, a tv, a table to rest a drink, a drinks trolley etc.

Top interior designing company in bangalore


As I said if you are starting from the beginning then there are certain things to bear in mind. Only once you have placed the furniture can you work out where the lights will need to be. If you want to have downlights in a sitting room ceiling then a) they do not need to be in a symmetrical grid and b) try placing a few round the edges of the room, about 30-40cm so they will create an ambient light. Position them in the middle of windows rather than walls. 

If you are having a coffee table then you can put another one over that to illuminate the items that will be on it. You don’t need one over the tv – you don’t want to draw attention to it, it’s not pretty. But otherwise, you will need lamps in dark corners, on tables near the seating areas so you need to think about sockets as well as lamp placement. Make a drawing of where the seats will go and add lights accordingly.

Top interior designing company in bangalore


Not always possible I know and in the case of my narrow Victorian terrace and the sofa not possible at all. But if your sofa is backed up against the wall then try to give the other piece of furniture room to breathe. In a modern square room just pull the furniture away from the edges a little – perhaps you can bring the sofa forward and put a narrow console table behind it.
It doesn’t have to be a large space – a few inches will do. I Which I hate. In addition that would also create a pointless empty space in the middle of the room which wouldn’t be right for anything. Instead, I have put the desk in the middle with the focal fireplace behind me, a perfectly visible window view to the left and the door in front of me.

furniture for room


It’s not lazy but basically you need to make sure that there is a table within arm’s length of the chairs so people can rest their drinks or books etc. If they have to get up and stretch every time they will either put their drink on the floor – where it risks getting knocked over – or hold it and inevitably drink more, which leads to the previous point and a lot of clearing up to do. Side tables don’t have to be very big but it’s useful to tuck one away at the end of the sofa or beside a chair. I don’t have room at the ends of my sofa – doors and walls being somewhat inconveniently placed but, as I said, the coffee table isn’t far away.

furniture for room

Home decor trends for 2020

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Think of this as a little 101 in decorating. While we all cannot possess the eye for exquisite design and detail — we can decorate our homes as though we do. In some ways, interior decorating can be thought of as a formula with specific steps; building blocks that will help create your very own interior design. On the other side, there is an art to decorating; a flair that doesn’t really follow any rules or formulas. While you may not have an artful flair, you can begin to learn how to develop one. Here are some of the trends which we think will be trending on 2019 calendar year
interior designing ideas

Larger Indoor Plants

“One trend that will be at the forefront of home interior design in 2019 is big, bold plants. A dragon tree, a rubber tree or any kind of palm tree make eye-catching statements anywhere in a home. You can flank your sofa with one on each side or situate one in any corner. The bigger, the better here.”
Arjun Warrier
Designer,Vinra Interiors
Incorporating plant life into your decor is a bit different than taking on other 2019 interior design trends. Here, instead of relying purely on aesthetics, you’ll want to allow the plant’s care-and-keeping instructions to dictate its placement in your home. Be sure to check how much sunlight and water a plant needs before purchasing it to ensure that whichever plants you end up using will flourish in their ideal environment
interior designing ideas


“In 2019, we’ll start to see people taking advantage of the fifth wall – the ceiling has been left behind for too long! From wallpaper to molding and daring paint colors, the ceiling will be the place that people start taking chances and creating a ‘wow moment’ in their spaces.”
Sonal Agrwal
Designer,Vinra Interiors
Consider this look for spaces that you want to feel intimate, especially bedrooms and formal dining spaces. Here, you’ll want to keep the 10-30-60 rule in the forefront of your mind. Either continue to the ceiling with your base color, which covers 60 percent of the room, or make a strong statement by using your accent color – the last 10 percent – to add a pop of visual interest.
glass-floors-ceilings-house interiors designing
glass-floors-ceilings-house interiors designing
glass-floors-ceilings-house interiors designing bangalore

Multi-functional spaces

“With more and more people adopting the ‘Less is more’ attitude, we are seeing a shift in interior design. For 2019, I predict we will be seeing more multi-functional spaces. The murphy bed has been making a comeback and I think we’ll see even more modernized versions.”
Rakshitha Ganesh
CRM, Vinra Interiors
Multi-functional furniture doesn’t just have to be for small apartments anymore. Think about incorporating it into any multi-use spaces, such as an office that pulls double-duty as a guest room. On a smaller scale, you could also think about incorporating an ottoman that doubles as added storage. The key here is to start thinking outside the box when it comes to functionality
Multi-Functional-Loft INTERIOR DESIGNING

Bold colors

“In 2019, bold colors are going to explode even more than they already have. Think navy blue, deep red, and burnt orange to really bring some excitement into the room.”
Sonia O F
Designer, Vinra Interiors
Bringing bold colors into a room is all about creating balance. Make sure to pair your bold shade with calmer, neutral hues like white or gray. Use your bold color sparingly, either as a statement piece or an accent.
Interior Designing

The Mission style

“Recently, I’ve seen a lot of the modern looks that photograph well, but feel very cold and clinical in-person. 2019 will be about adding warmth to modern spaces through mission-style details. You’ll see things like patterned tile in a kitchen backsplash, texture on walls or terra cotta colors. It’s all about finding ways to inject more character into the room.”
Vinod Ranjan
Founder, Vinra Interiors
Mission style decorating and colors are an excellent way to capture the calm and beauty of this popular interior design style. While many homeowners are familiar with Mission furniture, they may be unsure of how to further incorporate this style into a room. Luckily, there are a few distinct elements common to Mission style decorating.
bangalore living interior designers
Successfully paying homage to a certain style is about incorporating small touches of it into a room, rather than trying to copy the look in its entirety. Take vinra’s advice here and add a pro touch into your existing design.
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10 Ways To Make A Small Space Feel Bigger

1.Paint or wallpaper the ceiling to make the room look taller.

In the renovation and decoration of existing buildings, making a room with a low ceiling appear taller is often a challenge. There are several strategies to achieve this. Ceilings act as a light reflectors, so understanding the way that different paint colors and lighting interact in a room will make it look taller.
bangalore interior designers

2. Use light colors on the walls and the floor.

While darker colors make a room seem cozy, they also absorb light instead of reflecting it, making the space feel smaller. Opt for lighter colored flooring as well as wall colors to make the room feel airy.
bangalore interior designers

3. Pull furniture away from the wall to create the illusion of spaciousness.

Pushing furniture up against the wall makes everything look and feel cramped. Even just few inches in between the wall and your bigger items can make the space look more open. To know more connect to our designers  

bangalore interior designers

4. Make use of hidden storage and multi-purpose items.

A great way to decrease the look of this clutter in your home (after actually de-cluttering that is!) is to make smart buying decisions when it comes to the furniture and items you have around the home. Multi-functional furniture is a great way of doing this, and having hidden storage in some of your most used pieces can create a clutter free feel to your home instantly.
bangalore interior designers

5. Hang shelves near the ceiling to draw the eye upward.

Holly Hickey Moore said that taller decorative features make a room feel bigger by drawing the eye upward. A few ways to achieve this effect: install high shelving and hang curtain rods above the window frame and closer to the ceiling. “The whole goal is to draw your eye up in rooms that you want to feel more tall, or more grand or more spacious,” she said.
bangalore bedroom interior designers

6. Follow the cantaloupe rule.

The Cantaloupe. A good rule to live by for decor is “The Cantaloupe.” That Rule states that no piece of decor should be smaller than a Cantaloupe, because a lot of small decor will clutter a space rather than flatter it. To know more contact our interior designer at https://bit.ly/2C1QlCf
bangalore living interior designers

7. Choose statement furniture that fills the room.

In small living room, one large couch instead of multiple small pieces actually decreases the look of clutter and makes a room feel bigger.
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8. Use stripes to elongate the space.

Just like vertical strips on clothing, a striped rug will make your room appear longer. Orient the stripes to go the length of the room that is the longest for.
bangalore living interior designers

9. Color code your shelves to create the look of structure.

Whether it’s with size or color or type, anything that makes a group of smaller items look intentionally arranged will make it feel more streamlined. This works for books or anything else that is visible in your home.
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10. Use a clear shower curtain in a tiny bathroom.

Use your shower curtains to create the illusion of height in your bathroom and infuse your shower with a touch of luxury. Hang your curtain rod near the ceiling for more drama — just make sure the curtain brushes the floor. You can use a curtain panel instead of a traditional shower curtain or make one yourself from all-weather fabric. Try a curved shower curtain bar to make an enclosed shower interior feel larger, and look for washable curtain liners in 84-inch length to accommodate the increased height.
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Why Top Companies Encourages workspace Personalization ?

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In your organization, every individual has an idiosyncratic personality that needs to be acknowledged. But for many, personal expression in the workplace is a struggle. A significant part of our lives is spent at work, and individuals can feel more comfortable and accepted by personalizing their workstations.


A More Human Workplace

In the Steelcase article Express Yourself, Turnstone Design Director Markus McKenna stated,

“People are actively rejecting this idea of corporate blandness. They want to embrace passion and meaning in their lives. They want their work to matter, and we agree. It’s time to build a more human workplace.”


Displaying family photos and personal mementos on a desk is an effective way to help people feel happier, healthier, and more productive at work. It also brings more personality to the workplace and creates a more inviting environment.

In our designs we offer marker board attached to a metal Screen giving peoples a way to take notes, draw and leave reminders during the day, or even draw pictures to personalize their space in a unique way.

More Control, More Productivity

As open offices have grown in popularity, many people have been struggling with a loss of privacy and a reduced sense of autonomy. Giving people the option to personalize their spaces helps return a sense of control.


Research published by the Harvard Business Review found that workers who were able to personalize their space had a greater sense of place identity, translating into improved workplace engagement and a stronger connection to the company. When people feel valued by the company they work for, they’re more inspired to work harder and produce better work.

We offer a custom design which matches your personality and option to personalize your space and provides sections to pin up notes, photos, and drawings to personalize their space.

Welcome Individuality 

While many companies are concerned that personalization would be a distraction at work, researchers have found the opposite to be true. A study conducted in the United Kingdom found that people who keep at least one picture or plant in their workstation are 15% more productive than those who don’t. And when compared to people who have to work in a more sterile space, employees who work in offices that allow for personalization can be up to 25% more productive.


  Start embracing the power of personalization in the workplace. Browse our selection of Office and commercial space to find tools to help people to customize their workstations.