Office Space Interior Design


Office Space Interior Design

Why office space interior design?

The office space interior design is an art of balancing functional needs and aesthetic preferences and optimization of productivity inside of a structure. Comprehensive interiors fit-out solutions that cover HVAC( heat, ventilation and air conditioning) Networking, Access Control, CCTV, UPS, PAC(programmable automation control) , BMS(building management system),Lighting control, Audio-video systems, FA-PA( fire alarm & public address), Security systems, Flooring, Precision air-conditioning, Electricals, Plumbing and Fire-fighting.  An office is one, used maximum by an individuals and hence it pays to have an optimally designed office space which will enhance the property as well as ease the stress and strain one has to go through on a continuous basis.

The function of Office space.

A house is a space for living, so residential designs need to enhance livability. Commercial structures help businesses make money. Where in office are places where administration and decision are taken along with the execution of orders which mostly is time-consuming and one has to have a balanced atmosphere to execute. How can an interior designer help? The interior designer balances the functional needs in terms of physical space and its aesthetics and optimizes productivity with his designs.

Different from other designs.

Unlike residential or commercial designing, office designs are completely different. Apart from the know how’s of the architecture, the designer has to have knowledge and avail services of professionals such as Civil Engineers, HVAC Engineers, Electrical Engineers, Chartered Accountants, Company Secretaries & Auditors, Safety Managers, and Cost & Quantity Managers.

Designing usable space will change based on the needs of the building. An office building needs to fit multiple cubicles into a shared area but not pack them so tightly as to decrease productivity.

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