5 New Kitchen Interior Design Trends For 2020

The kitchen focuses on your home. Whether you’re planning to remodel your kitchen interior or be inspired for a simple interior design upgrade, there’s a new range of kitchen interior design trends to consider for the coming year 2020. We’ve talked to some of our top interior designers on the major kitchen interior design trends that we expect this year, with an extraordinary inspiration for everyone.

 If you have been thinking about renovating your kitchen, now is the perfect time to start planning.

Use some natural materials

Natural materials such as wood or timber are beautiful, timeless and easy to integrate into your kitchen. The raw tones will neutralize your space, add warmth and texture and can be worked in many styles of cooking.

Vinra said, “Many people go for decent laminate table surfaces because of the comfort installation. They are economical, and you can choose surfaces that reproduce the look of real wood and marble, without the necessary maintenance


Add a touch of color to your kitchen

white colour for kitchen interior design will always have a place of choice in the home, the trends are moving towards something a little darker and more daring. Darker palettes, such as black, rich greens and navy, certainly make their way into people’s kitchens. If you decide for a dark color palette, be sure to use plenty of natural light.

space and balance with accents such as wood tones to soften the aesthetic.


Be creative with open shelves

When everything is done correctly, open shelves can make your kitchen interior design brighter and more spacious. They have become a popular option, particularly in a traditional style kitchen, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Vinra says “Open shelves can be made in any size with some smart thinking out of the box,” “With the help of multipurpose panels, you can create visual interest in the space while creating corners for the pieces you want to display”.


Pendant light equipment for your kitchen

The hanging pendants will be important to indicate the different areas within an open-plan space. Attaching the dining room will be particularly important and sculptural jewels, like pendants with hard finishes with an Italian influence of the middle of the century, will be popular in luxury developments for your kitchen interior design.


Incorporate intelligent storage solutions

For your kitchen interior  design While you want some elements to be displayed openly, others are better kept away and this is where intelligent storage solutions come into play. Kitchen items are conveniently hidden behind stylish cabinets, making it even more important to integrate storage space during kitchen planning.

Vinra says “Avoid clutter and create usable spaces for everyday objects, as well as the pieces you want to hide,”. “The use of furniture in smart ways creates a modern look without compromising space.”

Integrate as many furniture as possible and consider blind corner cupboards and spices and wine racks to ensure that everything in your kitchen has a home. Using furniture under the island bench is a great way to gain additional space. If a clear and tidy bench is what you are looking for, then the answer is ample storage space.