When it comes to living in an apartment, space is premium. Having a little private outdoor space is an absolute dream, especially if you’re living in a city apartment of your dreams. The balcony Decor Idea may be the only escape available for you to jump outside, enjoy your drink with some sunlight and light breeze. People usually side-line this space while doing up your home. 

     If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony, no matter how tiny it is, you must make the most of it! You owe this to yourself, and all your friends who come around to see you. No matter what the size, every balcony will have plenty of design potential. 

  We are here for exactly that. Here we give a few tips and inspo on balcony decor to help you along the way.


  No matter the size, one can turn their tiniest balconies into the most enchanting breath of fresh air by simply turning it into the most beautiful garden. This has to be one of the simplest yet the most creative balcony décor idea there is out there. Utilize every inch of your balcony by engulfing it with the prettiest variety of plants. Use a beautiful and fresh variety of plants and planter boxes not only on the floors but you experiment with hanging posts too. Turn your balcony into a green outdoor oasis, make it your zen space outside the indoors. 
      Try to experiment with different flower plants, mix and match between different flowering plants and succulents, and layer your balcony up. But be sure to educate yourself on which plants to use, how much sunshine they’’ require, and don’t forget to give them their daily doses of water. A dull and brown garden is something nobody wants!

Outdoor Balcony Decor Lounge Dream!

Imagine lounging on a bright sunny day in your jammies with a cool drink in your hand. Well, this isn’t too hard to make happen. All one has to do is simply turn their balcony into the most aesthetic yet cosiest lounge bar.

    You could add a small table with some chairs, pick wood, or bamboo furniture so it gives your balcony the perfect oasis dream. Throw in a few cushions to cosy it up out there, you could even add a fun-sized sofa in this case. Pack the sofa up with some throws and cushions, don’t be shy with COLORS mix it up a bit. For aesthetics, you can add a few candles and fairy lights around the entire space to make the space 
more intimate with just a flick of the switch.

           The key feature about this balcony décor idea, specifically, is that it does not take up a lot of space. So even if you’re working with something small, this could still turn out much better than you expect it.

A fantasy for the winter!

    Who said one could only enjoy the outdoors on a bright sunny day? 
     Sometimes, kicking back in your favourite jammies, with a warm hot chocolate, cozied up under some throws, just gazing at the stars can also turn into an evening of dreams with minimal effort. 
     Now if you’re wondering how balconies can be perfect for the winter hues too, the trick with them is to design with warm accents. It’s an absolute delight sitting out on your balcony, enveloped in warmth with the jittery cold. Now how you work around this is, you add warm rugs thrown over sofas. Use thick shaggy rugs or carpets, small puffies, and tables, you could place your hot drink on.

     Adding a reading nook by placing an aesthetic wooden shelf with some books. Will perfectly add to a pleasant wound-down evening. Kicking back with your favorite drink, a task of your choice, in the chill under warm throws is a dream. These will make for the perfect winter Balcony décor.

Soak in with a view!

A fast-growing and extremely popular trend when it comes to balcony décor recently, has to be, throwing in a hot tub or Jacuzzi, to kick back, wind down and soak up on a hot sunny day or even just lie in one under the stars. Jacuzzis and hot tubs, in this new age and time, have also grown over the year. Their configuration just keeps getting better and simpler. You can now move them around, customize their size, and lot more other things.

     This has to be my personal favourite pick, investing in one will immediately luxify your entire home. You do not know how much use you will get out of it until you get one!
 It’s a dream and the perfect setup for a stress buster cosy movie and hot tub night. You could amp up the décor around by adding some mood fairy lights, candles, throw in some speakers, and a bar cart with your favourite wine.

         It’s the perfect way to spruce up your apartment. Give it a chic and luxurious feel by investing in the dreamiest outdoor balcony friendly Hot-tub. HOTTUB. Imagine just throwing it back after a long day of work, AHHH A DREAM!