A lively and bright aerated home will always sustain a positive vibe in every home. There are an ample amount of reasons to Boosting Natural Light in your living space. 

Adding multiple ways to bring in natural light into one’s home can give any interior space a sense of greater volume and a much fresher and appealing look. The feeling of living in a space that is light and airy is revitalizing and healthy. Plus, increasing natural light in one’s home can also reduce a vast amount of energy during the daytime hours. Which means it’s sustainable, greener, and cheaper. 

But the key part is figuring out a way to make this happen. Figuring out how to boost natural light in any space may come with bringing necessary changes that might seem a big undertaking. But we here will help you with certain key and easy tips and things you can do to transform your home into a lively and brighter space. Here are some ways on boosting natural light in your home by making some quick and easy adjustments, replacements, and some fun DIY’s.

Mirrors all Around to Boost Natural Light!

Mirrors have long been used by interior designers and chic-savvy homeowners to give spaces the illusions of being much larger than they actually are. Putting mirrors on walls across windows or glass doors, through which natural light may usually enter is a great tip on boosting natural light in one’s home. It would showcase twice the amount of light to brighten up any room. The sunlight that normally enters through the windows would reflect back into the room off these mirrors, instead of being absorbed into the painted walls, art pieces, etc. 

Lighter Walls for the Win!

We have always known Light colors to reflect light much better than your chic dark shades. As dark colors are popularly acknowledged to immediately absorb light. This hack works great with smaller rooms that might need a hint of more light to brighten or enlarge the space or any room for that matter. Paint the ceilings and walls with light beautiful pastel or basic colors, to reflect the basic natural light entering the home. This too works as a talented hack in boosting natural light in your home. Use lighter tones for hardwood floor finishes and floor tiles. Also, picking lighter window and floor trims, using satin finishes instead of flat matte, can also be a great way to boost natural light in one’s home.

Island Glass Doors Boost Natural Light in your home!

Floor-to-ceiling glass doors can be a beautifully aesthetic yet efficient way to amplify the natural light in one’s homes. Switch light-blocking solid exterior doors with those that are partially or all glass. If one has the wall space, interior and exterior ground space that could incorporate large doors, go with sliding glass doors, French windows or doors, or some creative Folding glass walls to transform the space into a veritable sunroom. If one is leaning towards a more budget-friendly and stylish upgrade, add windows more above existing doors to illuminate the immediate entry space.

Choose Lighter Kitchen and Batch Finishes!

Switching up Bathroom and kitchen countertops and backsplashes for lighter, glossier surface, too, works as a talented hack on boosting natural lights in your home. Even just changing lighting and plumbing fixtures, cabinet handles, rims finishes from dark to lighter metal finishes can make a big difference. It would reflect more existing light in any room. When it comes to bathrooms, choose shower wall tiles in lighter, brighter tones and even hang light to transparent shower curtains and baths. In kitchens, try replacing the dishes, cookware, appliances to much lighter metal or glass finishes, as everything helps light reflect and stand out more!

Pick Reflective or Lighter Furniture!

Replacing bolder and darker furniture, rugs, lampshades, throws and pillows, artworks, and other aesthetic accents with versions in lighter and subtle shades. Can transform a dreary, closed-off room into a bright, breathable, and inspiring environment. Even replacing electronics cased in black or gray casings with silver or lighter metallic is a great way in boosting natural light in your home. Switch out deeper and denser colors of natural flowers for livelier and subtle varieties with translucent or clear-toned solid vases.

Switch up to lighter window treatments!

Trade-in dense and heavy drapes for sheer and lighter window accent treatments. Work with draws and hooks so you can tie back the sheer drapes during the day and soak in some of that beautiful Vitamin D. Update to sleeker, new age white, or lighter color blinds, to add that minimalistic accent to your home. It also helps open up space much more than one could imagine. This option also allows one to ideally control the amount of light entering the room. They could be down but still turned open, giving one the privacy factor but also blocking direct sun rays on hotter days to reduce heat.