10 Ways To Make A Small Space Feel Bigger

1.Paint or wallpaper the ceiling to make the room look taller.

In the renovation and decoration of existing buildings, making a room with a low ceiling appear taller is often a challenge. There are several strategies to achieve this. Ceilings act as a light reflectors, so understanding the way that different paint colors and lighting interact in a room will make it look taller.
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2. Use light colors on the walls and the floor.

While darker colors make a room seem cozy, they also absorb light instead of reflecting it, making the space feel smaller. Opt for lighter colored flooring as well as wall colors to make the room feel airy.
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3. Pull furniture away from the wall to create the illusion of spaciousness.

Pushing furniture up against the wall makes everything look and feel cramped. Even just few inches in between the wall and your bigger items can make the space look more open. To know more connect to our designers  

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4. Make use of hidden storage and multi-purpose items.

A great way to decrease the look of this clutter in your home (after actually de-cluttering that is!) is to make smart buying decisions when it comes to the furniture and items you have around the home. Multi-functional furniture is a great way of doing this, and having hidden storage in some of your most used pieces can create a clutter free feel to your home instantly.
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5. Hang shelves near the ceiling to draw the eye upward.

Holly Hickey Moore said that taller decorative features make a room feel bigger by drawing the eye upward. A few ways to achieve this effect: install high shelving and hang curtain rods above the window frame and closer to the ceiling. “The whole goal is to draw your eye up in rooms that you want to feel more tall, or more grand or more spacious,” she said.
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6. Follow the cantaloupe rule.

The Cantaloupe. A good rule to live by for decor is “The Cantaloupe.” That Rule states that no piece of decor should be smaller than a Cantaloupe, because a lot of small decor will clutter a space rather than flatter it. To know more contact our interior designer at https://bit.ly/2C1QlCf
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7. Choose statement furniture that fills the room.

In small living room, one large couch instead of multiple small pieces actually decreases the look of clutter and makes a room feel bigger.
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8. Use stripes to elongate the space.

Just like vertical strips on clothing, a striped rug will make your room appear longer. Orient the stripes to go the length of the room that is the longest for.
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9. Color code your shelves to create the look of structure.

Whether it’s with size or color or type, anything that makes a group of smaller items look intentionally arranged will make it feel more streamlined. This works for books or anything else that is visible in your home.
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10. Use a clear shower curtain in a tiny bathroom.

Use your shower curtains to create the illusion of height in your bathroom and infuse your shower with a touch of luxury. Hang your curtain rod near the ceiling for more drama — just make sure the curtain brushes the floor. You can use a curtain panel instead of a traditional shower curtain or make one yourself from all-weather fabric. Try a curved shower curtain bar to make an enclosed shower interior feel larger, and look for washable curtain liners in 84-inch length to accommodate the increased height.
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