Why Top Companies Encourages workspace Personalization ?

In your organization, every individual has an idiosyncratic personality that needs to be acknowledged. But for many, personal expression in the workplace is a struggle. A significant part of our lives is spent at work, and individuals can feel more comfortable and accepted by personalizing their workstations.


A More Human Workplace

In the Steelcase article Express Yourself, Turnstone Design Director Markus McKenna stated,

“People are actively rejecting this idea of corporate blandness. They want to embrace passion and meaning in their lives. They want their work to matter, and we agree. It’s time to build a more human workplace.”


Displaying family photos and personal mementos on a desk is an effective way to help people feel happier, healthier, and more productive at work. It also brings more personality to the workplace and creates a more inviting environment.

In our designs we offer marker board attached to a metal Screen giving peoples a way to take notes, draw and leave reminders during the day, or even draw pictures to personalize their space in a unique way.

More Control, More Productivity

As open offices have grown in popularity, many people have been struggling with a loss of privacy and a reduced sense of autonomy. Giving people the option to personalize their spaces helps return a sense of control.


Research published by the Harvard Business Review found that workers who were able to personalize their space had a greater sense of place identity, translating into improved workplace engagement and a stronger connection to the company. When people feel valued by the company they work for, they’re more inspired to work harder and produce better work.

We offer a custom design which matches your personality and option to personalize your space and provides sections to pin up notes, photos, and drawings to personalize their space.

Welcome Individuality 

While many companies are concerned that personalization would be a distraction at work, researchers have found the opposite to be true. A study conducted in the United Kingdom found that people who keep at least one picture or plant in their workstation are 15% more productive than those who don’t. And when compared to people who have to work in a more sterile space, employees who work in offices that allow for personalization can be up to 25% more productive.


  Start embracing the power of personalization in the workplace. Browse our selection of Office and commercial space to find tools to help people to customize their workstations.