Living room design


    The first thing one might focus on when it comes their house is their LIVING ROOM DESIGN or their Living room DECOR! 

From the type of material to lighting to the perfect layout. Interior design trends are always moving in and out of style at an amazingly fast pace. 

 To get your living room to look like the design of your dreams and get it right first time, we are here to help. Because, knowing where to start and look for inspiration is always the hardest part. Whether you’re simply looking to spice up an empty space – or are starting from scratch, whatever it may be. Right here we’ve got you covered, in this post we tell you everything you need to know about designing your living room design!

Here are 5 key tips to help you along the way with the Living room design!


      The first holy grail step of designing a living room is it’s how you want it to be laid out. Sometimes the case might be that one be that one might have a fairly small living room. Hence, limited with the flexibility of the living room furniture designs for the room. But the way we are conditioned, we usually, no matter the size of the space work around the one key instrument. the TELEVISION. But while turning your living room into the coziest home cinema room may be great for Friday night Friends binge. It’s not always the most methodical way to go. And definitely not always the most aesthetic – way to arrange your furniture for the perfect. living room design. 

If you have space, focus on arranging the furniture with a motive to create purposeful zones. Sure, have a sofa that is just for TV geeks. But also refine the space by adding a little armchair next to a window or table lamp; and voila!

You now have a multipurpose zone that is both chic and useful. Assign a dedicated workspace to a corner, add a little console table, desk, or mini home office tucked in a cabinet. One could separate the kid’s play space from the rest of the living room with open shelving. Keeping similar tricks like this in mind goes a long way when you design your living room.


    Once you’ve settled on your living room furniture design, it’s placement and other things. We can now move on to the exciting and fun stuff – picking a styles that showcases YOU!

  It’s the one place where one will spend the most amount of time. Its key nature is to feel like home the minute one lays their eyes on it!

  So, while the style of your living room design will be largely dictated by how old the property might be. Its fundamental architectural feature and the style of the rest of your rooms or simply the furniture. It’s got to suit your lifestyle and personality too. In other words, if one’s got a house full of kids, choosing a living room filled with rustic antiques probably isn’t the way to go. And a modern living room style might be more your vibe.

Your house shows who you are to someone who walks in, so be sure to play around and throw a bit of that in there. Don’t be afraid to mix and match or even go bold!


    When you’ve nailed down the perfect aesthetic for your living room design decide on the key character colour for your living room. While you think on that keep in mind the size and the height of the ceiling in the living room. It may be interior design tip 101, but if someone is working with a small living room they’d like it larger and brighter. One might need to opt for lighter colours. Or, perhaps, if one usually only uses their living room in the evening, they rather it felt cosy and intimate with darker colours.

     If you are blessed with a larger living room, you can be more creative and adventurous with the colour palette of the living room design. Try giving a go at or experimenting with a darker design palette, or add a statement feature wall. Bear in mind, too, that every home receives a sufficient amount of natural light that should affect the colour choice of the whole wall design.


      Moving on to the key element that puts it all together, picking the best furniture that fits your living room design. This is probably going to be the aspect of your living room design that is extravagant or pricey. So really think about what you do and don’t need when it comes to making the decisions.

      Start with the basics and analyse what furniture your living room really needs and what it can’t do without. Also how you might make it more versatile and elegant it might make the space.

      One’s also got to think about how durable each piece needs to be and what’s actually worth investing in. Delicate and soft furnishings get the most wear. So get the best quality you can even with your budget or opt for removable covers that can be easily washed and reused. 

    Also be sure to choose furniture that will stick strong and stand the test of time, not just practically but in a style aspect too. Don’t go with bold and trendy styles, shapes, colours or patterns that will age fast or that you will wear out of too quickly. 


  Lighting your space is an essential part of every living room design, because we spend most amount of our time in the evening time, winding down. The correct lighting can transform one’s living room into a cosy, warm inviting space. The wrong lighting, however, can leave your room feeling as bare as a clinics waiting room.

    Keep in mind all the different zones you have created in the living room and choose light sources according to that. You’ll need task focus lighting, like a standing or table lamp over the armchair for reading. An adjustable central pendant light for those times when you want the room brightly lit. And plenty of key warm accent lighting fixtures around the room to highlight certain elements and areas.

You can use lighting to create various visuals too. Up-lighters on the living room walls can make a ceiling feel elongated and taller. Down lighters however will make the room feel more intimate and cosy; spotlights can throw light on key features of the living room, such as large plants or painting in the living room.