What your kitchen secretly says about you?

You know that saying “You are what you eat”? Well, here’s another angle to that
adage: You are WHERE you eat, too. The point is, you can tell an awful lot about people
just by glancing over what we consider the heart of every home, the Kitchen!

The one room that represents the lifestyle of every family.

We bring to you some of the top kitchen interior designs that are eternally trending
and may inspire your dream interior aesthetics when it comes to the most functional room
in your house.

Which brings us to the topic in question: What does your kitchen say about you? Let’s look
at some popular picks!

The Timeless chic! (Traditional interior accents)

Traditional interior

A timeless kitchen interior aesthetic 1that is traditional and evergreen, reserved and
tasteful, but never dull. You are all about the eternal phrase ‘Food is the way to someone’s
heart’. This contemporary kitchen design shows the endearing and wholesome nature of
you with all its minute yet elegant details, with it modish wood panelling, heritage colours,
dark oak cabinet and tasteful accent lighting You’re efficient and tidy as you go — not a
messy cook.
You like ageless, minimalist design and credit yourself on looking good, but not flashy.

The Social Butterfly! (Island Kitchen dream)

island kitchen designs

As the name suggests, this kitchen décor throws light on your outgoing social nature, it
shows someone who loves throwing parties and having people around. The island isn’t just
undeniably aesthetically pleasing but acts as a mini- kitchen in itself with its abundant
storage space and spacious counter top giving it a modern interior look. So if you’re
someone who loves having everyone gather around and work together while creating
memories an island to your kitchen design is the way to go!

The Unpredictable Individualist (Eclectic kitchen)

If you are innovative or right brained and always have trouble sticking to a specific
stream or having to narrow your choices, then eclectic interior style was just made for
It creates a unified look by combining elements and styles from different cultures, time
periods and origins, such as putting in a French Country armoire on one corner and a
stainless steel refrigerator in the other corner. They may also feature elements from
your personal conquests and trips like Italian tapestries hung on the wall, British
crockery and many more.
Remember, eclectic personalities value diversity, character and colour.