One thing we can all agree on is the absolute delight we felt in bidding adieu to 2020. The dust has settled; the lockdown has ended, and the world is slowly back to gain its pace. People are back to indulge in their favourite things and getting back to their hasty life that was on hold.
        Amidst all this hustle and bustle, one’s home is the one space of tranquillity that you can cling to. A new year means a fresh start not just with those resolutions, but it’s also the perfect time to revamp your home. In 2021 the trends haven’t just gotten better but also more practical and sustainable.

         Here we have curated our best interior design trends for you, take a look and see what you fall in love with and adopt to spruce up your home!

The Grand Millennial Dream!

Taking trims, fringe ends, drapery, skirt lined furniture, slipcovers, wallpapers- and modernizing and updating them into the new age décor is what grand millennial is all about!
It’s the one aesthetic you wouldn’t expect to jump back into trend: your grand mum’s living room vibe, in simple words.
  This fresh and emerged take on tradition adopts the good old-school décor trends like skirted tables, floral wallpapers, patterned upholstery, and richly stained and scented wood furniture with a fresh spin of the 21st-century elements. The style mainly encompasses traditional details on upholstery and cushions such as tape, trim, or tassels, fringes, with a touch of the modernized analogous and monochromatic shades and colors. The key factor in pulling off this style and hopping on to the interior design trends this year is adding that timeless element rather than antiquated. 

  This trend is all about those young youth diving deep into and who love design and decor that rate back to the good Ol days or that culturally stereotyped as ‘old lady’ or ‘grandma-ish.” It mainly hinges on antique and classical forms and patterns, historic architectural designs, and, of course, dark brown tinted furniture, with chic elements of the new age tones and finishes. Our stunning interior design team here at VINRA will help you achieve exactly that!


 Sustainability and sustainable living have been gaining momentum quickly these past few years. It has become increasingly more important, and people are incorporating this into their lives, and taking matters into their own hands. As the community leans more and more towards more eco-friendly sustainable lifestyles, people have become more ecologically conscious and informed than ever before. So it’s no surprise that it’s crept into the world of décor and has crept its way into the top Interior design trends this year.
Most perceptions this past year have been about nature and how we must start preserving it before it’s too late. With home interiors, this manifests itself into a sustainable and eco-friendly design that as a bonus cuts major costs too. A trend that most economical and environmentally friendly PERFECT!.

 This style focuses on using earthier, renewable, and reusable elements and pieces to garnish your home, which doesn’t have to be dull if you think outside the box. More the natural materials you use to decorate your home, the more sustainable it is. Tips into nailing this design are using as little plastic as possible and stick with materials that have a lower carbon footprint.

    One key element can be to use as much greenery around you, use an abundance of beautiful houseplants to add to your aesthetic around the house. Replace synthetic elements with materials like natural wood, hemp, cane’s, bamboos, rattan, etc. Our team here at VINRA will guide and help you make or find the most beautifully crafted items with these sustainable materials. Thrift shopping is also a great way to decorate your space, like sourcing traditional tribal arts, second-hand antiques, etc. You could even support and hire local artists into painting your walls and exterior.


Playing and experimenting with different wood and wood styles will always be an ongoing trend over the years. Wood is an irreplaceable aesthetic if one knows where and how to ideally use and place it. Whether is Scandinavian blonde or the more chic rustic light oaks, the lighter tones of wood are surely creeping up into the best Interior design trends this year! 
   This specific shade of wood is elevating and easy to experiment with and design around, creating a newer age, modern era look, even with cosy and warm spots. If your lifestyle is all about minimalism, this is the perfect design trend for you! 
Living in a minimalistic styled space creates a sense of Zen, as lighter wood immediately opens up the area giving it a more spaced-out feel, as the hues of the wood give you the perfect illusion of a big space! Great picks of lighter woods are maple and rubberwood. Reach out to us here in Vinra so we can help you scout these perfect Scandinavian pieces.

The retro comeback!

Comfort and tradition back from the good ol’ days are a big hit this 2021, but ahead of its time modern glitz and glamour from the roaring 80s and 90s are sure to be back on the charts!
    There is honestly nothing quite like the racy eighties era. The bling, the shiny patterns, glamour is all making a glorious comeback into the best of best homes around the world. Whether it’s the famous disco baubles, lights, the beautifully crafted architectural arches, they’re all making a comeback into the top interior design trends this 2021!
     You can nail this style, be incorporating various angular shapes, edgy glistening glass pieces, mirrored décor, all these hallmarks of the retro style. Pick an area for your home that you can go all out with this look and make it distinct from the rest. The game room, vanity room, the dining room are a few top picks for spaces that fit perfectly with this look. Or simply invest in a specific bingy item that could add the perfect touch of nostalgia and glamour to your home, metallic lights are favorable in this regard. Consider using eye-catchy wallpapers to create faux arches that 
can revamp a window or hallway to look like one.